Our partners help to make the Waterloo Carnival possible. The ways in which they support us are as numerous as their number. If you would like to find out how you can support the Waterloo Carnival, please do get in touch. If you would like to find out more about how you or your organisation can join the carnival please check out the Get Involved section of our site.


Community Groups

The Waterloo Carnival is only made possible by those that give their time and skills so generously. Special thanks to Oasis Waterloo, who oversea and manage all of the details preceding and during the carnival.


Oasis Waterloo

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Transforming lives through community - Oasis Waterloo runs a Foodbank, debt advice centre, two schools, youth work, a choir, a children's centre, church and much more, all to involve, serve and benefit the local community. We believe getting involved, gathering with others, and participating in music and arts brings life and connection, helping individuals and communities to flourish. We are excited to be part of the Waterloo Carnival, being a unique local event that is truly intergenerational in its reach and involvement, and reflective of the brilliance of this local area. Grassroots events, that are genuinely inclusive, are the key to breaking down barriers in communities, building relationships and celebrating what people have in common, as well as bringing an exposure to the arts and Carnival that many otherwise wouldn’t have. 

Oasis currently project manage the Waterloo Carnival, working in collaboration with local organisations, community groups, businesses, arts and theatre professionals. 

We Are Waterloo

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We Are Waterloo are the Waterloo BID, and loyal supporters of the Waterloo Carnival. The Carnival is one of the few annual events that bridges the gap between businesses and the community of professionals that commute in to Waterloo, and the indigenous local community. Over the past few years, WAW have seen Lower Marsh revived through into a once again busy market street, supporting small business and local vendors. 

WAW are proud sponsors, and are excited to see the colour and flair the carnival procession brings to Lower Marsh each year.

Coin Street


Coin Street Community Builders are a social enterprise, with the aim to make our neighbourhood a great place to live, work in, and visit, by creating new co-operative homes; shops, galleries, restaurants, cafes and bars; a park and riverside walkway; sports facilities; by organising festivals and events; and by providing childcare, family support, training and employment opportunities. Income is generated from a variety of sources including the hire of retail and catering spaces, exhibition, event and conference spaces.

Alongside Oasis, Coin Street Community Builders is one of the longest standing partners in the Waterloo Carnival. For many years, the nursery and family groups have participated in the carnival, bringing some of the youngest participants. Families are welcome to join Carnival themed costume making sessions in the run up to the event, and on Carnival Day, alongside the procession, have enjoyed a variety of activities provided by Coin Street for younger years, from music, face painting, storytelling and costume making. 



We are supported by so many extraordinary professional artists. Look out for their amazing costumes, acrobatics and beats at the next carnival.


Mandinga Arts

Mandinga Arts researches, designs, creates, and delivers extraordinary and innovative artistic experiences using custom-made costumes and puppets, engaging communities in lively processions and performances throughout the UK and Europe, and as far afield as China and Colombia.

Mandinga is known for its distinctive style bringing together live music, carnival, street costume, puppetry, and dance, drawing on diverse influences from Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa. Mandinga facilitates high quality community contributions and brings a new aesthetic to the growing carnival and outdoor performance movement in the UK and overseas.

The company blends a range of traditional skills with new technology for an inventive and imaginative approach to design and performance. This adventurous practice, and a willingness to share new ideas and methodology, keeps Mandinga Arts at the forefront of design and delivery for outdoor performing arts. 

London School of Samba


The first samba school in the UK (1984), LSS dancers and drummers appear with drummers from Bloco Maluco, a mental health samba group funded by the Maudsley Hospital. The LSS is also Madrinha (Godmother) to Bloco Maluco. 

União da Mocidade London Samba

UDMSamba is a 30 strong samba band formed from 12-19 year olds from across London. They play traditional samba and funk from the streets of Rio de Janeiro in full carnival costume! Prepare for an inspiring combination of tropical sights and sounds, youthful energy and professional quality all performed by young Londoners!



At the heart of the carnival are the many individuals and groups who turn up and join in. Special thanks goes to those groups that make a special effort and turn up in colourful number.


Oasis Academy Johanna

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Oasis Academy Johanna has performed in the carnival for 15 years, and it continues to be a highlight of the school year. Students are involved in everything from costume making to playing instruments, dancing and performing in the finale. 

We look forward to the Waterloo Carnival every year, and are so glad that our students,
staff and parents are able to represent the diversity and creativity of our community, experience and be inspired by the carnival art, music and dance, and to feel proud and celebrate our local area.
— Tara, Associate Principal of Oasis Academy Johanna

Oasis Academy South Bank

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Oasis Academy South Bank students bring their artistry, flavours, and colours, through music, dance, and paint. OASB believe that creativity and flair should be encouraged and celebrated in every student. The Waterloo Carnival provides the perfect stage.

Waterloo Community Theatre

Waterloo Community Theatre is a local young people's theatre company making original work with, for and about young people. All our young people live and attend schools in the Waterloo/South Bank area and our events/performances are community-focused and always take place in community venues. We are proud to be partnering with the carnival; with it being the biggest annual celebration of the local area and its diverse residents, it's a natural connection for us. Last year our 8-11 age-group performed as part of the carnival celebrations and we hope our involvement will increase in time and capacity in years to come. 

Old Vic

The Old Vic is an independent not-for-profit theatre with an inclusive, welcoming personality. We aim to be a surprising, ground-breaking, beacon of accessible, uplifting and unintimidating art. We deliver dynamic, relevant and responsive education and community projects that support schools, teachers, young people, elder community members as well as emerging and established artists offering high quality theatre and enrichment experiences.

For this year’s Waterloo Carnival we will be facilitating an intergenerational choir with members from St James’ Primary School Bermondsey and The Nightingales choir from Blackfriars Settlement offering an uplifting mix of Motown classics.



We owe a debt of gratitude to our sponsors who offer the skills and resources to ensure the Waterloo Carnival is always a success.




Cubana have been providing the elixir to keep the carnival going into the evenings for the past few years. Guaranteed carnival music, food, drink, and vibes.

The Arts Council

The Waterloo Carnival was awarded fund from the National Lottery and the Arts Council. Their generous investment has allowed us to grow bigger, louder and more colourful!



A new partner to the Waterloo Carnival in 2018, Rambert have a prestigious local presence, and partner with Coin Street Community Builders to ensure local community members are able to access high quality teaching and performance experience. Rambert will be working particularly with their senior groups, bringing the flair of Carnival to their dance. 

Beautiful Bright

Based in Waterloo, Beautiful Bright is a design and communications business. Beautiful Bright looks after the Waterloo Carnival website and takes a lead on our design and marketing. They are also responsible for all of our lovely pictures.

The Waterloo Carnival is a fantastic day to be part of. It’s amazing to see so many people come together to celebrate the diversity that makes Waterloo so rich.
— Dan Chalke, Beautiful Bright

Bankside Open Spaces Trust

Bankside Open Spaces Trust is an environmental and volunteering charity aiming to improve the SE1 area, making it a greener, more beautiful place to live and work.

BOST manages and maintain open spaces, welcome volunteers from both the community and the corporate sector, run regular gardening groups, support park steering groups, organise and take part in public events and educational projects, and offer advice to others. Collaborating closely with local residents and businesses to champion green spaces, thousands of people enjoy our open spaces every day. 

BOST are one of the longest supporters of the Waterloo Carnival, providing the Waterloo Millennium Green (WMG) for the finale of the event each year. In 2019, BOST will be providing further workshops on the WMG for the children and families that are participating, including a Bug Life workshop, burying of a time capsule made by children at Oasis Academy Johanna, and unveiling some new play structures on the green. 

Bankside Open Spaces Trust is an environmental and volunteering charity aiming to improve the SE1 area, making it a greener, more beautiful place to live and work.

Waterloo Action Centre

Waterloo Action Centre is a busy community centre, developed and run by local effort. Open over 80 hours, 7 days a week, Day time activities for older people and others not at work, wide range of evening and weekend activities and spaces which can be booked for family parties, meetings etc. We are delighted to be supporting Waterloo's very own annual  Carnival.  

South Bank Employers' Group

South Bank Employers' Group is a unique partnership of eighteen of the major organisations in South Bank, Waterloo and Blackfriars with a long-term commitment to improving the everyday experience of the area for employees, visitors and residents alike.